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The model 6602 was introduced to the market in 1998:

model 6602


It is a unique non-dispersive infrared bench which offers unparalleled accuracy and performance. Its PCB with single input voltage from 9 to 16 VDC does it all – measure gases, controls pneumatics, communicates via RS-232 with host and regulates power. It also provides several OEM functions such as user-defined TTL outputs, analog input, and CMOS tachometer input. The model 6602 is the heart of e.g. the famous Tecnotest Stargas exhaust gas tester.

We offer a Basic Repair of all models of the 660X series. Basic Repair typically includes cleaning of the sample cell and all sample wetted windows. PCB repair as required. After repair each unit goes through the same tests it went through after manufacturing.



The model 6800 is a complete high performance exhaust gas measuring subsystem based on the model 6602.

model 6800 subsystem


It combines superior functionality with an elegantly simple design. The two main components are the Model 6602 non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) bench and the sample delivery system.

Basic Repair of a model 6800 subsystem include full basic repair of the 6602 bench and additionally exchange of the complete tubing, new check valves and new filter elements. Exchange of pump,water trap and / or manifolds as required.