model 16XX sample pumps Print

In our model 63XX series automotive gas analyzer subsystems two different pump are used.

model 1600 pump



The model 1600 was used in the early days of the model 6333 production. It is a customized Enomoto MV-600G horizontal mounted 110VAC dual head pump with integrated control PCB. One pump head deliver the sample gas to the gas analyzer and the second pump head evacuate water out of the tri-filter assembly.





model 1606 pump





The model 1606 was used together with the 1606 pneumatic PCB. It is a customized Enomoto MV-600GLV vertical mounted 30VAC dual head pump without control PCB . This pump is directly controlled by the 1606 pneumatic PCB.







We offer a refurbishment for both pump types which include new flapper valves and a stringent test. All pumps refurbished by us are shipped with a extended six month warranty.