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model 11XX power supplies repair / exchange program PDF Print

model 1103The model 1103 and 1123 switching power supplies are designed for unsurpassed performance in conjunction with Andros' model 6230 and 6231 NDIR gas analyzers and model 1600 series pneumatic subsystem. The advantages of the model 1103 and 1123 switching power supplies are:

  • low output noise and ripple
  • individually protected outputs
  • separate isolated returns
  • capable of sustaining indefinite short circuit loads
  • input power line transient immunity of up to 3KV
  • foldback protection for +5V and +15V High Power outputs
  • remote sensing capability: +15V HP
  • stable outputs under all valid component and system tolerances

We offer you a basic repair for your model 1103 and model 1123 power supplies. There is also a exchange spare part for the model 1103 available.