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The food storage industry faces the constant threat of spoilage. The undetected loss of refrigerant gas can have severe financial and environmental consequences.
Andros' NDIR technology provides an economic means for the early detection of leaking refrigerant gases.

model 5400This stand-alone wall-mounted unit uses a pump-driven air sampling system to draw air from around the refrigerant plant and deliver it to the infrared analyser. The 5400 analyzes the sample for the presence of gas and displays the result on the status display together with the name attached to the zone. Air samples are taken sequentially from each zone and are fed to the analyser through a unique valve manifold arrangement, which ensures that any detected refrigerant is automatically traced back to the contaminated zone.
This allows technicians to quickly locate leaks and undertake the necessary remedial action.

The unit uses a sophisticated infrared filter design, which detects all CFC, HCFC, HFC and Ammonia refrigerants at levels as small as 5 PPM. Because the analyser searches for the unique infrared "signature" of these refrigerants, nuisance alarms associated with most other gases are eliminated.
The Model 5400 is designed to easily interface with remote equipments through 'volt free' alarm relay contacts, TTL voltage outputs and an RS 485 serial port.

The unit is capable of storing alarm occurrences including the date, time, zone name, and maximum concentration for each occurrence. User programmable relay contacts are provided for leak, spill and system status.
The Model 5400 is also capable of communicating all this data to remote equipment for advanced alarm handling. Further details of alarm interfaces available upon application.

5400 Features:
•    Suitable for CFC, HCFC, HFC refrigerants and Ammonia
•    Fully aspirated system with 8/16 independent sampling channels available
•    High capacity sampling pump offering sample tube lengths of up to 200 metres
•    Accurate to within 5 PPM within the critical 0 to 100 Parts Per Million range
•    Highly Selective to minimise nuisance alarms
•    User programmable Leak and Spill level thresholds with volt free alarm relay contacts and status LED’s
•    Unique water trap arrangement to prevent accidental water/liquid return impairing performance
•    Advanced self-diagnostics which includes a restricted flow warning
•    Current status information, alarm records and historic data displayed on backlit LCD screen
•    8 or 16 sample points
•    Individual Zone Naming for ease of identification
•    Recessed area on front panel for Customer’s own Logo

Basic repair:
A basic repair takes care of the actual defect of your model 5400 infrared leak detection system (IRLDS). After repairing it goes through a complete calibration and test procedure. All relevant datas will be kept on a service protocol.

Many OEM customers now have the opportunity to significantly extend their investment in the IRLDS through the exclusive Gas-Bench-Repair.EU Refurbishing Program. Using disciplined service policies, coupled with product knowledge and advanced equipment that only the original manufacturer can possess, Andros‘ trained refurbishing specialists return used model 5400 units to original or better performance. The refurbishing procedure includes:

* complete disassembly under controlled conditions and cleaning of all parts
* exchange of pump, tubing, inline filter and water trap
* repair of defective PCB‘s as required
* upgrade to the latest software revision 0.57    
* reassembly and calibration according to the latest procedures
* all relevant datas are kept on a service protocol

Through this procedure, refurbished 5400 units benefit from component or process improvements that may have occurred since their original manufacture. As a result, a refurbished 5400 unit can perform even better than when it was new! Plus, Gas-Bench-Repair.EU goes the extra mile in customer service, tailoring its refurbishing programs specifically to customer needs based on model, application characteristics, turnaround requirements and other relevant factors. We also offer a upgrade from 8 to 16 zones.