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The Model 63XX series is a digital automotive exhaust gas analyzer subsystem. It gives the OEM the ability to choose a product that is more than just a gas analyzer. With their integral power supply, sample delivery pneumatics and subsystem controller, these subsystems need less OEM engineering to complete the end product compared to starting with a gas analyzer bench alone The OEM needs only to provide application software, interface hardware/software and product packaging.

model 6333

The 6300 Series are complete four- or five-gas (HC, CO, CO2, O2, NOx) Automotive Exhaust Analyzer Subsystems, comprised of a 62XX Series Digital Automotive Gas Analyzer, 1100 Series switching power supply and 1600 Series subsystem controller / sample delivery pneumatics. All 6300 components are designed to work together to provide full performance in an optimal OEM package.

The 1600 subsystem controller includes an on-board microprocessor which is in constant communication with the OEM host system, the 623X gas analyzer bench and the 1606 sample delivery components. This built-in intelligence provides the OEM with new performance and flexibility, easing system integration and providing many high-level functions including subsystem zero and gas calibration and gas/vacuum leak check.

The 6300 series has been upgraded in 1993 with the following new features:

  • new 1606 sample delivery module, including a water surge rejection package.
  • new base plate that enhances module inter-changeability for service or configuration.
  • Two-solenoid (single-point gas CAL) standard, three-solenoid (two-point gas CAL) optional.
  • No AC line voltage distributed beyond the power supply‘s input.

We offer a Basic Repair for all 6300 series subsystems . A basic repair includes the complete repair and check of the build in 62xx series bench, new tubing, new check valves and the refurbishment of the pump heads. After repair the unit goes through gas test and over night burn in test to verify the best available performance.

You also can choose to only have the components (pump, pneumatic PCB, power supply and/or bench) of the subsystem repaired.