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The models 6230 , 6231 and 6241 are fully digital, single-beam NDIR gas analyzers specifically designed to meet or exceed worldwide performance specifications for automotive emissions measurement

model 6231

The 6230 and 6231 provide fully corrected HC, CO, CO2 and O2 gas concentrations in digital form via an industry standard RS232 serial communications interface.

The model 6231’s enhanced oxygen channel processes the output of an external O2 sensor and has been designed specifically to support the PTB-AUII requirement for accurate measurement of oxygen concentration and calculation of Lambda. The 6231’s command set has also been extended with commands that simplify the management and calibration of the enhanced O2 channel including host system determination of pending O2 sensors “end-of-life”.

The infrared source, filters and detectors are thermally stabilized under microprocessor control. The stepper motor-driven chopper and multiple IR detectors reduce mechanical complexity and increase reliability. Electronic sophistication and mechanical simplicity provide the most intelligent, accurate, flexible and reliable automotive gas analyzer ever produced by Andros


model 6231A

The 6231A and 6241A are the direct predecessor of the famos 62XX series. They are based on the design architecture of the world’s most field proven and reliable digital IR gas analyzer bench with over 160,000 installations world-wide, pioneered by Andros. These new models now incorporates new surface mount technology (SMT) with a highly powered microprocessor for even greater performance.

We offer a Basic Repair for the whole 62XX series. The Basic Repair includes the cleaning of the complete optical path as well as the required repair of the defective gas analyzer. The performance and accuracy is then verified through a gas test using certified calibration gas mixtures. The relevant datas are kept in an automatically printed gas test protocol. All repairs carried out in our Service Center are undergoing a stringent long time burn-in test and comes with an extended one year warranty.